About Me

I am what I like to call "creatively practical": I have always been drawn to the arts and love to explore different mediums, but I'm driven by strategy and planning, which has led me towards careers that involve creative project management while doing some production-based freelancing.  

  • Grew up on a small horse farm in Michigan; have since lived in London, Prague and New York; and currently in Michigan but open to travel and relocation

  • Graduated from New York University in May 2017, where I studied communications, media business, and film production

  • Coach a high school equestrian team outside of my career and freelancing

  • Passionate about culture and media, traveling, horseback riding, the outdoors, and photography



I am open to any career within the media sphere, but I've most recently been focused on marketing communications. I have worked both in-house as part of a small, do-it-yourself team and as part of a mid-size agency. I have previous experience in writing; social media management; email and direct mail CRM; advertising and analytics; web design; event planning; and content creation.

  • Developed a strong work ethic while growing up on the farm and at my first few jobs- including working for a horse farm, a ski resort, and The Home Depot

  • Originally planned to have a career in the entertainment business, leading me to internships in casting (Nancy Bishop Casting), production (Detroit Public TV), and research (Show of Force)

  • Shifted gears before graduation to communications and marketing by taking a publicity internship at Finn Partners - MediaConnect



  • Bachelor of Science in Media, Culture, and Communication, with concentrations in Technology & Society and Persuasion & Politics

  • Two minors: Film Production and Business of Entertainment, Media, & Technology

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude as a University Honors Scholar and member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society

  • Focused on new media technology and film & TV, but took electives ranging from fan studies to Czech art and architecture

  • Spent three semesters abroad- London for my entire freshman year, and Prague for spring of my junior year- during which I extensively studied my host culture and traveled broadly