What is this blog??

I always have a to-do list.

I know- that sounds like something lame you say in a job interview when your self-confidence is so low that your pitch is literally just that you're a decent employee. In all honesty, though, on any given day I'm thinking of at least a dozen projects that I sincerely want to work on. I would optimistically call it a voracious appetite for learning and accomplishment, but it's also honestly been stress-inducing and paralyzing because I never have the time or energy to put a significant dent in that list. However, I'm working on making my goals more realistic, and one of the ways that I'm hoping to do that (while also showcasing the cool things that come out of it, because self-promotion) is writing out the list and trying to commit to at least starting one item on the list each month. I have a few different categories of projects, and depending on what they are I may be able to do more than one each month, but I want to try to cap it at roughly three projects.

So below, I will keep my list(s) of projects I want to do, and post a new blog at least once a month to share my progress on them. Enjoy (or don't; that's your prerogative).


  • Finish designing personal website

  • Once I do that... transcribe it to original code & get it off Wix

  • Improve Adobe InDesign skills

  • Improve Adobe AfterEffects skills

  • Learn Adobe Illustrator

  • Improve understanding of digital analytics

  • Get back to intermediate fluency in Spanish

  • Finish learning German basics

  • Learn basic Russian

  • Refresh Czech basics


  • Apprentice with a professional photographer

  • Apprentice with a professional videographer/filmmaker

  • Execute a fine art photography shoot

  • Document a current event -or- do a photojournalistic essay

  • Create one of my visual poetry in motion concepts

  • Make a music video

  • Start up either photography blogs or vlogs again


  • Finish Oreo's flying lead change

  • Go to Dressage Regionals with Oreo (for Training Level and/or First Level)

  • Showmanship: refresh

  • Saddleseat: take a few lessons, ride a real saddle horse

  • Equitation over Fences: refresh

  • Reining: take a few lessons, ride a real reining horse

  • Speed: take a few lessons, ride a real speed horse

  • Compete in at least 1 discipline out of saddleseat, equitation over fences, reining, and speed

  • Go fox hunting/pacing

  • Go on an endurance ride

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