Sept. 2017

I'm still working on getting things going after graduating from college, so I don't have anything too grandiose on my to-do list yet. But here's a little insight into the projects I have going on at the moment, both career and personal.


The work project that has consumed most of the last three months of my life is Technology in Motion: Detroit. Co-hosted by Crain Communications (my company) and MSX International, this premier automotive technology exhibition and conference is intended to bring Detroit back into the mobility conversation. For me, it ended up becoming a massive marketing crash-course: I maintained and built out the website, ran the Facebook and (briefly) the Twitter account for the event, wrote blog updates, edited a promo video in After Effects, created a social ad campaign, and ended up being an event photographer and videographer. It was definitely stressful at times, but overall it was a great way to improve my existing skills and introduce me to new ones.

My ongoing personal passion project is strengthening the Notre Dame Prep equestrian team. If nothing else, coaching this team has made me an e-mail writing master, but in all seriousness it's been such a great learning experience for me. Organizing such a large team (practices, a scrimmage, paperwork, etc); managing relationships with the organization, school, parents, riders, and their individual trainers; and facing new challenges in motivating and guiding our riders has really helped me grow. As of this post, I still have at least one more meet to go for the season, but if all goes well my work won't be done for a while yet... but more on that next month.

Finally, working on this website rounds out my current projects. Contemplating the best way to communicate my experience through the design and content has been challenging but a good process. It's going to take me a while- especially since once I finalize the design and content on here, I want to convert the Wix set-up to code so I can host the site on a cheaper server- but I've been meaning to do it for so long and it's nice to finally (if slowly) make some progress.

#projects #marketing #email #socialmedia #website #design #digitaladcampaign #equestrian #coaching #work

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